Saturday, October 1, 2011

Survivor Birthday Party

For Jenna's 11 birthday party, we hosted a Survivor Birthday party. Jenna made the invitations. We downloaded a survivor logo and she glued it onto the front of the invitation card. She wrote: "Can you Outwit, Outlast, Outplay your friends at..." on the front of the card. On the inside, she wrote, "Jenna's 11 birthday party" and put all of the info in there.

When everyone arrived, we handed out bandanas to assign people to their teams. Three girls per team, and two teams. One team blue, and the other team purple. The girls came up with a tribe name and made a tribe poster. The tribe name had to be made up with letters from the words "Jenna's birthday party". The purple tribe chose "Yadit" and the blue tribe chose "Hi". We began the challenges. We didn't want to vote anyone out, because it would be no fun for those girls to sit out and watch everyone compete. We decided to award points for each challenge and the winning tribe would then compete for individual immunity.

Reward Challenge #1 "Shelter Me"

The tribes were given 2 poles, a tarp, scissors and twine, and were told that they had to make a shelter that they could all fit under. They were allowed to use the back fence as part of their shelter. It was fun to see both tribes working together building their shelter. The tribe to complete their shelter first won a small bag of chips and bottle of water for each member. They also won points for this. Winning tribe - 15 points. Other tribe - 5 points for completing their shelter. The "Hi" tribe won this challenge!

Immunity Challenge #1 "Slippery When Wet"

The tribes each had a plastic vase and a sponge at one end of the backyard. There was a bucket full of water at the other end of the backyard. One at a time, the tribe members had to race to the bucket and fill up their sponge with water, race back and squeeze the water out of their sponge into the vase. The first tribe to complete this was the winner and received 10 points for their tribe. The "Hi" tribe won this challenge as well!

Tribal Council

We totalled up the points for the two challenges. The "Hi" tribe was winning. Everyone received a glow necklace (instead of a torch) and at this point we also handed out water and a smaller bag of chips to the "Yadit" tribe.

Reward Challenge #2 "Slimy"

Each tribe member received an ice cube with a plastic frog in the middle of it. The tribe to free their frogs from the ice first, without breaking the ice, would win this challenge. It was interesting to watch the girls be creative with this one. Some of them used the bucket of water from the previous challenge to help melt the ice. Some held their ice in front of the dryer vent and others were blowing on the cubes. All of the girls had cold hands!! Once again, the "Hi" tribe were the winners. The winners received a bag with gummy candies - I used gummy spiders, because I wasn't able to find the gummy frogs. The winners won 10 points and the other tribe received 5 points for completing the challenge.

Immunity Challenge #2 "I'm Puzzled"

I made 2 survivor logo puzzles and separated the pieces of each puzzle into 4 bags. The "Hi" tribes puzzle was in white bags and the "Yadit" tribes puzzle was in purple bags. We had the girls wait in the backyard and we put the bags in the front yard in various places. 1 tribe member from each tribe was chosen to put the puzzle together. The other 2 tribe members had to take turns racing to the front yard to find the bags of puzzle pieces. Once they had found all 4 bags, the puzzle maker was able to start putting the puzzle together. The "Yadit" tribe had their first victory! 10 points for the victors, 5 points for the "Hi" tribe for completing the challenge.

Tribal Council to tally the points

Reward Challenge #3 "I Know, I Know"

I had printed out questions for the tribes to answer. I gave each tribe their question on a piece of paper and if they knew the answer, they would receive 5 points for the correct answer. I had a total of 10 questions and it was a tie. Each tribe won 25 points and a small box of Smarties for each member.
The questions were brain teasers. For example:

A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 of them die. How many sheep does he have left? (9)

You are running in a street marathon and you overtake the person in 2nd place. What place are you now? (2nd)

A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose among 3 rooms. The first is full of raging fires. The second is full of assasins with loaded guns. THe third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is the safest for him? (The 3rd - lions who haven't eaten for 3 years are dead).

You walk into the room with a match. In the room there is a stove, a heater, and a candle. What do you light first? (the match)

MEREPEAT (repeat after me)


(seven up cans)

(big fish in a little pond)

Immunity Challenge #3 "Blind Girls"

Each tribe chose a caller. The other 2 members were blindfolded. 4 plates numbered from 1 to 4 were laid out in the grass for each tribe. The "Yadit" tribe caller had to lead their tribe mates to purple plates, and the "Hi" tribe caller had to lead their tribe to blue plates. The callers led one girl at a time to pick up 2 plates. When they had found their 2 plates, they could take off their blindfold and come back to their caller. The caller then led the other girl to the last 2 plates. Once they had their plates they arranged them in numerical order and turned them over. On the other side of the plates were math symbols and numbers that made an equation that the tribe had to solve. The plates said 5X, 6-, 8/, 2= . The answer was 11 (Jenna's age). The "Hi tribe was the winners and won 10 points for their tribe.

Tribal Council to tally points.

Reward Challenge #4 "Feed Me"

No Survivor game is complete without a food challenge. Since Jenna is a picky eater, I choose foods that weren't too gross. However, I did give them bad names, which made some of the girls grossed out!! I had the girls spin the food challenge wheel, and they had to eat whatever food they landed on to receive 5 points for their tribe. The team with the most points would win a chocolate bar.

Fish eyes - peeled grapes
Cow's tongue - pepperoni chunks
Worms - whole wheat cooked spaghetti mixed with a bit of ketchup
Rat droppings - chocolate covered raisins
Dirt - Oreo crumbs mixed with skor bits
Spider legs - black licorice cut up
Pureed ants - purple baby food - blueberry applesauce
Cow's blood - orange juice with food colouring

I anticipated a tie for this game, however was surprised. One girl could not eat the pureed ants - no way, no how!! So, the "Yadit" tribe won this round and received 30 points for their tribe and the reward of a Twix bar for each member. The "Hi" tribe received 25 points.

Immunity Challenge #4 "Outwit Me"

I made a 12x10 grid on the driveway with chalk. Each tribe member chose a square to stand on and had a piece of chalk. They were able to move forward, backward, or sideways on the grid, but NOT diagonal. When their name was called, the made a move and crossed off the square that they moved from. They were also not able to move to an "X"'d off square. The last player standing won for their tribe. The "Hi" tribe won 15 points and "Yadit" won 5 points. They girls really enjoyed this game and wanted to play again!! Too bad I only had one big grid made on my driveway!

Tribal Council to tally points and then inside for pizza dinner

Reward Challenge #5 "B is for Bubbles and Bubblegum"

Each tribe member received a hair elastic and headband as well as a bib that I made from a cheap plastic tablecloth. They each got a plate and a piece of Bubblicious bubble gum to put in the centre of the plate. I squirted whipped cream on the plate to cover the gum. The girls had to put their hands behind their back and using their mouths, find the bubblegum. The first girl to blow a bubble with their gum - a good bubble, won for their tribe. Winning tribe was "Hi" and they won a pack of "Splash" bubble gum.

Immunity Challenge #5 "Knock Out"

On a table outside, I lined up 8 cups of each tribe colour. The girls lined up behind a line on the ground, and using a slingshot and marshmallow, had to try to knock down the other tribes cups. This proved to be a tough challenge, but they persisted and knocked down a few cups. Each tribe member had about 5 turns. "Yadit" won and received 15 points for their tribe.

Tribal Council to tally points.
"Yadit" had 95 points and "Hi" had 115 points. The 3 members from "Hi" won a chocolate bar and were about to compete for the title of "Sole Survivor".

Sole Survivor Challenge

I had a board with 16 large playing cards attached to it. The 3 members of "Hi" received an envelope with the same 16 cards and a board with pegs on it, where they could place the cards. They had to race to the board with the cards and try to memorize what was on it, then go back to their board and place the cards in the correct places. They were able to go back as many times as they needed to. Charlotte was the winner and as the "Sole Survivor" won a Movie Pass.
The girls had a great time and this took about 3-1/2 to complete! Just enough time left to eat cake, watch a movie and open gifts before heading off to bed!!