Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Princess Party

Kaylee wanted a Princess Party for her 5th birthday. I made invitations by printing the following on pretty pink cardstock: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, By order of the King and Queen, Princess (Name) is cordially invited to the (Last Name) Castle to celebrate Princess Kaylee's 5th birthday. The royal celebration will begin at (time) on (date). Princess Kaylee asked that you come dressed as your favourite princess in your most royal attire. The festivities will include the royal limbo, crafts, games and fun for all! Have your carriage arrive for you at (time party ends) when the celebration comes to a close. Please RSVP with the Queen Mom at (phone number) if you are able to attend this royal gala...the castle needs to plan for your arrival. We hope you can join us. I rolled the invitations up and tied them with a pretty pink ribbon and we hand delivered them to the guests.On the day of the party I became the Queen Mom!! What fun to get to dress up for your daughters party!!
We had the Princess Party sign on the door when the guests arrived and had coloring pictures for them to color until everyone arrived. We also took pictures of them in front of the Happy Birthday Princess sign with Kaylee.
We had princesses on the wall that I had found at the store. We also put tulle type fabric on the ceiling with balloons hanging down to make everything look princessy.
When everyone arrived, we went to the table and the girls decorated princess crowns I had made out of cardstock and tulle. I had alot of stickers, felts and stick on gems they could use to make them their own.
After the girls decorated their crowns, and believe me, this took quite awhile for some girls, they played Help the Bird find Cinderella. We blindfolded the girls and spun them around and then gave them their bird to put on Cinderella. They were all giggling alot during this game!!

After that we played Princess Limbo. I made a Limbo stick and held it while the girls danced around to Princess Music and ran under the Limbo stick. The next game was the Princess Walk. I had princess pictures laminated and put them on the floor. The girls had to walk around them while the music played and when the music stopped, they had to step on a Princess. Whoever wasn't on a Princess was out and got to pick a prize (different princess little things I had - erasers, rulers, stickers etc.). The last girl standing on a Princess was the winner and got to pick 2 prizes.

The girls then got to decorate cookie wands I had made. All of the girls got a container with icing and a container with candies and were told to go for it!
Here's what one girl came up with. I put them into baggies and tied a pretty ribbon around it for them to take home.
Next on the agenda was cake and gifts. I made a pink cake and put a princess crown on the top. YUM!
For the gift opening I had my daughter sit on a chair and had an empty chair next to her for the girl whose gift she was opening. The other girls sat in a circle in front of the chairs so they could all see. This worked great, although the circle did keep getting smaller and closer to the birthday girl:)

After gifts, I read the Cinderella story and had the girls sit in a circle and pass a glass slipper everytime I read the word "Cinderella". The girl who ended up with the slipper at the end received a prize. It was then time for the goody bags and for everyone to go home! What a great time getting to play princesses!