Monday, January 11, 2010

High School Musical/Swimming/Sleepover Party

For Jenna's 9th birthday, she wanted a High School Musical Party, she wanted to go swimming and she wanted to have a sleepover! We decided that she could have a party at the pool and then we rented a room there for cake and dinner afterwards. We let the girls go swimming for 1-1/2 hours and then they came out for pizza and cake.

We used red tableclothes on the tables in the room at the rec center and had red and white balloon centerpieces to try to tie into the High School Musical theme. We had pizza, fruit and veggies and chips for dinner. After dinner I gave the girls a High School Musical Quiz and the girl with the most answers correct got to pick out a prize first from the prize bucket (High School Musical stuff - notebooks, pencils, diaries...), the next most correct answers got to choose next and so on.
After the quiz we had cupcakes. I just swirled on the icing and sprayed it red with a Wilton icing spray. You could taste the spray a bit, I probably wouldn't use one again. I put HSM stickers on toothpicks and put those in the cupcakes.After the cake, Jenna opened her gifts and then we played one final game. I played HSM music and the girls passed around a present. When the music stopped, the girl holding the gift got to take off a layer of wrapping paper. Lots of layers of paper...until the final girl opened a box with a candy for everyone.
Goody bags before leaving included their prize from the earlier game and a HSM pen, HSM tattoos and HSM stickers as well as some candy. This was the first party we've had outside the house and WOW, easy cleanup - no huge mess at my house.

HOWEVER, we did let Jenna have 3 friends sleepover. They got a HSM pillowcase that I had made with iron on transfers I had found and they got to sign eachother's pillowcase with fabric markers. The girls also watched a movie (NO, not High School Musical). In the morning they had pancakes for breakfast and then went outside to play until their parents came to pick them up. Easy...everyone was happy and had a great time!

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