Monday, January 11, 2010

Mario Party

Ethan loves playing Mario Kart on the Wii and he asked for a Mario birthday party for his 7th birthday. I scoured the internet and found a few sites that gave me a bunch of ideas. I started planning this months in advance. Mario decorations are absolutely impossible to find!! I therefore had to handdraw my decorations. I am not an artist, but I printed off a small image of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Funky Kong (my son picked 4 of his favourite characters). I made a grid (horizontal and vertical lines) on the small images and then drew a grid onto my large cardboard paper. I was then able to make my large characters by drawing what was in the small grid on the big grid. Not as confusing as it sounds.We had our party outside and I decorated the garage doors and our trailer with the things I had made, as well as with red, green and yellow streamers.
Star Coins
Funky Kong
MarioI made a Mario Kart Wii Activities Poster so the boys would know what the plan for the afternoon was.
Poster welcoming the boys to the party.

The plan was to split the boys into teams and have them play some games. When each boy arrived they were to find which team they were on (Luigi or Mario) and get a hat. I bought green and red hats from Oriental Trading Company when they were on sale after Christmas. I bought white felt and cut out circles and then cut out either an M or L and glued them onto the hats. Very easy to do and a great thing to take home.

The boys were then supposed to make a guess at our Mario Coin Count. I filled a jar with chocolate coins and whoever guessed correctly got to take home the whole jar of chocolate coins. Lucky boy!! Happy parents:)

After that, the boys got to decorate a Mario Star Cookie. I made yellow icing and gave them all candies to decorate with. We put the decorated cookies in baggies for them to take home.

The first game we played was Yoshi's Egg Hunt. I had my husband take a whole bunch of plastic easter eggs to the park and hide them in the grass. We took the boys to the park and gave them all bags to collect the eggs. Each player on the team with the most eggs received a plastic gold coin. They were to save these until the end and the player with the most gold coins would win a special prize (Mario Kart candy).

The next game was Balloon Battle. We threw green and red balloons all over the ground and the kids had to pop the other teams balloons. Team Mario had to pop green balloons and Team Luigi had to pop red balloons. This game was over very quickly. Another gold coin for the members of the winning team.
The next game that we played was Target Practice. We had filled up water balloons and the two teams lined up and, one at a time, were given a balloon to throw at the opposing teams target, a poster with members of Mario's team or Luigi's team. Everyone won at this game! The boys just had a blast getting to throw water balloons!

Next was the all anticipated "Spin the Wii Wheel". I had made a prize wheel with different prizes on it. The boys could win candy for things like Triple Green Shells (3 green gummy candies), Triple Bananas (Banana candies), Triple Red Shells (3 red gummy candies). They could also win plastic gold coins (grand prize at end of party for the most gold coins), and other random prizes. They all spun a few times on this. Very exciting!!

After the excitement of the Wii wheel, we had cake and then gifts. I made a Mario Kart cake. I found Mario driving a Kart so I used that, as well as a figure of Yoshi and Luigi that I found. I found some mini mushrooms from Scoop N Save that fit the theme as well.

For gifts, I had all the boys sitting on a blanket and had Ethan on a chair with an empty seat beside him for the boy whose gift he was opening. This always seems to work well. The other kids can then see the gift being opened.

After that the boys took another spin on the Wii Wheel and then we counted everyones gold coins to see who would win the grand prize. We also checked to see who the winner of the Mario Coin Count was and handed out the goody bags - their star cookie, their hat, some chocolate coins and whatever they won from the Wii Wheel. This was a fun party to plan and I think Ethan had an awesome time!!!

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